Smart Thermostats For Your Home

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

In an era, where everything is going digital and technology is readily available at our fingertips with the help of our smartphones, a very important part of our lives couldn’t be left behind.

With the advancement of technology, we can easily control the way the heating systems at our home will work, right to exact degree, time and location.

Smart Thermostats make our lives easier by enabling us to remotely control the central heating systems such as radiators and boilers of our house by using our handheld and day-to-day devices like smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, some of the Smart thermostats can also be configured and connected to Voice Recognition devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, to be able to provide you with an experience of luxury at your own home.

It’s National Gas Safety Week

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Nationa Gas Safety Week (NGSW) is nearly opon us.
This national event aims to raise awareness and safety across the country.  This year NGSW aims to raise awareness of gas safe in rented properties.  Landlords have a legal responsibility to have a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate for every property they let and this needs to be renewed annually and on time. It's estimated that a 5th of rented properties do not have a Landlord Gas Safety certificate in place, usually because renewals are delayed, leaving a gap where the property is not properly covered.

In Bath, we rarely see this problem but it does come to light every so often.  Recently we attended a property in Newbridge to discover that the Safety certificate was two years out of date and worse still the boiler was in a bad state of repair and had to be switched off immediately.  Thankfully this does not happen often but when it does Ace Energy act immediately to ensure the safety of the user. 

Gas Explosion in Sunderland

Friday, August 11, 2017

Dreadful scenes coming out of the North East today after a gas explosion has reduced a semi-detached house to rubble.  Neighbouring houses were aslo destroyed along with several cars parked in the street, after a neighbours descrived a bomb like sound, heard early on Friday morning (11th August)

It's difficult to image to anyone could have survived this but the tenant was saved as a fridge fell on top of her, sheilding her from further injury.  She is in hosipital in a stable but serious condition.

It's early stages and too early to speculate why it was such a large gas explosion in a domestic property. 

National Gas Safety Week

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ace Energy are fully supporting Gas Safety Week (19th-25th September) with promotions across the City of Bath.  We aim to raise awareness of Gas Safety to our customers and this year we are particularly targeting Older residents. 

Jonathan Samuel, managing director for Gas Safe Register, said:

“We’re urging the nation to reach out to those who are more vulnerable when it comes to gas safety. Together, we can help prevent deaths and injuries and reduce the number of dangerous gas appliances.

Nearly 8 million UK older residents are at risk of gas poisoning so please make you talk to your older relatives and make sure their boiler has had an annual service by a fully qualified Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Talk to Ace Energy on 01225 729005 for advice or if you wish to book a Boiler Service for you or someone you know. 

Install a Nest

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A big success story for Ace Energy Plumbing & Heating of Bath has been the partnership we have with the revolutionary Nest Learning Thermostat.

Since training to be a Nest Pro Installer Ace of Bath have risen high in the opinion of those domestic customers who have chosen to install the Nest. The thermostat cleverly learns what temperature you would like your house, when you want the heat turned up or down and when you are out of the house! It does this by monitoring your pattern of living over a two week period and then programs heating to match.